The experts listed on this page are personal friends as well as great authors and presenters. If you're looking for professional development in the areas of math, technology, writing or reading – they come highly recommended.

Greg with Steven Layne, Danny Brasell and Ruth Culham

Tammy (Worcester) Tang, Technology K-12

Tammy Tang is a highly sought after speaker, author, and dedicated educator. She has taught nearly every grade in elementary and middle school, and brings 25 years of educational experience, a unique perspective, loads of enthusiasm, and a wide scope of knowledge to her work as a technology leader and consultant. She's a sure bet to enhance your inservice or conferences experience.

Tammy is a keynote and featured speaker at many state, regional, and national conferences including ISTE, NCTIES, TCEA, and FETC. Participants of NECC have selected Tammy's workshops "best of the conference" for the past two years.

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Anne Collins, Math K-8

Dr. Anne Collins is the director of the mathematics programs at Lesley College and the Lesley School of Education. She is the past president of both the Association of Teachers of Mathematics in New England and the Association of Teachers of Mathematics in Massachusetts. In January 2013, Dr. Collins received the 2013 Nadine Bezuk Award for Excellence in Leadership and Service in Mathematics Teacher Education.

Dr. Collins' concentration is in the area of mathematics assessment and she has suggested that teachers need to change the focus of math instruction from skill and practice to problem-solving.

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Char Forsten, Math K-8

Char Forsten has earned a national reputation as a renowned education speaker and author. She works extensively in the areas of math, writing and classroom management to help teachers help all children learn.

Char is the author of several books, including Step-by-step Model Drawing and Math Strategies You Can Count On. She is one of the country's foremost experts on Singapore Math and Model Drawing.

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Andy Clark, Math K-8

Andy Clark is a consulting author on Math In Focus, helping to bring the highly cited Singapore curriculum to the United States. Formerly, he was the K-12 Math Director for Portland Public Schools, a district that outperformed the state and significantly closed the achievement gap in mathematics. He also served as Title I Coordinator.

Andy is the author of Algebra Readiness, Summer Success Math, Partner Games, and Practice Counts – all published by Great Source.

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Jeanne White, Math K-2

Jeanne's Webpage
Dr. Jeanne White has been an educator since 1992 when she began teaching elementary school in the south suburbs of Chicago. Since 2005 she has taught the math methods courses for the teacher candidates in the early childhood, elementary and special education programs at Elmhurst College and is currently the chairperson of the Department of Education. She has presented internationally, nationally and locally on topics of math education, specializing in Kindergarten through second grade. She has been a consultant for schools implementing the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and has written numerous articles on math education.

Her first book, Using Children’s Literature to Teach Problem Solving in Math:  Addressing the Common Core in K-2, provides lessons that develop the 8 Standards for Mathematical Practice in the primary grades.  

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Melisa Hancock, Math K-12

Melisa Hancock has over 20 years of experience and currently works as an educational consultant, instructional coach, and co-director of a Math/Science Partnership (MSP) project at Kansas State University. She is President of the Kansas Association of Teachers of Mathematics (KATM) and represented the State of Kansas on the review team of the Common Core Standards for Mathematics.

Melisa’s high energy, humor, and keen insights have made her a popular presenter at individual schools, district meetings, and mathematics conferences at the state and national levels. She has been honored with numerous awards for her work as an educator, including both a Milken Award and Presidential Award for Science.

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Kim Sutton, Math K-6

Kim Sutton is a fabulous presenter, who has taught thousands of teachers the joy and excitement of “hands-on” math. Her teaching experience includes over 30 years in the classroom, as a regional math specialist, and as a university instructor. She has worked with over 150 districts nationally and internationally and is a former Associate Director of Project AIMS.

Kim's company Creative Mathematics is a leading provider of math, professional development workshops and she is the author of 14 books including Math Drills to Thrill, Math Focus Activities, Dynamic Dice, Place Value With Pizzazz, and her most recent book Let’s Get Started!

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